The Man in the Hood

The man in the hood appreciates your sentiments, he really does. He thinks it’s wonderful that you are willing to stick your neck out on social media to protest the murder of his friend that got his neck crushed. The man in the hood will just ask you one question, one question that perhaps you … More The Man in the Hood

Ad Astra

When was the last time you were inspired? The last time your heart leaped out of your chest and took your breath with it? When was the last time you truly looked at man, and saw the image of God for which he was created? I’m sure it has been awhile. I’m sure while you … More Ad Astra

Dissection of Death

Here is the dissection of the blog about my obiturary post. I had gotten a lot of feedback about it and asked a lot of questions. Yes, it really was an assignment, and here is the actually thought process that went on in my head when I wrote it. This is to give you an … More Dissection of Death

The Obituary

I am dying. Not really dying, I am already dead, or I am supposed to at least pretend that I am. My assignment is to write my own obituary, and the thought of doing so was strange at first, then frightening, and then entertaining. I wasn’t sure how to start because reading obituaries wasn’t something … More The Obituary

My life as a Zoo

Recently I took a personality test and found out I am a bull. I think. It could have been an owl or tiger or goat. But I do think I was a bull with an affinity to sparrows? No, I am a bull, and my secondary personality was a cat. That’s not right either, but … More My life as a Zoo

Making Beds

I get up every morning at 5:15am. Even the days, like today, when I have no reason to force myself into the jaws of another day, I get up. On the occasion I am traveling or back home at my mom’s, I will sleep in for a bit, but to see the clock roll past … More Making Beds


You don’t see the magic as a kid, you only see the results. A bed is made, a dinner cooked, the clothes washed and neatly put away. You don’t see the work, the anxiety, and sometimes the tears at the end of a long day. As a kid we go through life with this blinded … More Mothers


I cannot sleep tonight, the man in the moon is wanting to talk, and I am obliged to listen. He has questions and I fumble with the answers in my head, not that I don’t know them, just at this time of the morning, I am having a hard time processing. He wants to know … More Insomnia