I am about to come to a major crossroad in my life. A cosmic one if you will. You are too. We are all about to come to a part of our life where we have to make a decision, a big one. No longer are we going to sit back and hit cruise control, … More Crossroads

Walt Grace

I will never apologize for the love I have for the musical stylings of John Mayer. I may not always agree with the man, but as far as musicians and songwriters go, he is one of this generation’s greatest and you can not argue with that. I remember where I was the first time I … More Walt Grace

The Graduate*

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. Not this time. Not after all the other setbacks and unlucky breaks. His senior year was supposed to be different. This was supposed to be the time the cowboy rides out into the sunset, onto the next adventure, the next rodeo. He wasn’t supposed to deal with disappointment … More The Graduate*


The room is still, but the air is filled with music. Jazz to be exact. The kind of real music that makes a soul wander and move like a firefly in the dark night sky. Jazz is movement. It isn’t held to any particular laws of physics. It’s free. Free to roam in my house … More Jazz


The time we have here on Earth is not measured in minutes. Sure we all carry watches to measure a finite amount of something, but what we are measuring with our watch or our clock isn’t time, it’s distance. We tend to measure the distance between the moment we are born to the time we … More Time