The Chance to Change

The rain is cold at the end of October, but sometimes not as cold as the thoughts of the year leading up to this morning. Something has shifted in my universe, not in a bad way, nor in a good one, but simply shifted, as if to give me a push. I haven’t slept well … More The Chance to Change

Celebrating Boy

Being a little boy is hard in a great big world. We yell at them the way we don’t yell at little girls, and we shouldn’t yell at them either.  We expect them to know the things that we didn’t learn until we were much older, but nevermind that, boys are supposed to inherently know … More Celebrating Boy

The Mighty Miners

“We are the Miners, the mighty mighty Miners, Everywhere we go, people what to know,  Who we are, so we tell them…..We Are The Miners” The lights begin to flash in the distance in front of me, the wooden guard arms are slowly lowering, signalling me to stop and wait for the passing of a … More The Mighty Miners