Popsicles for Dinner

In my hand is a plastic Hideway Pizza cup. In it is red wine from a box, about six ice cubes, because that’s what you do when you are pretending to be fancy and just need to chill the wine a bit, and to top it all off, I have a cherry popsicle sticking out … More Popsicles for Dinner

Jack of Hearts

I am overlooking a creek bed, staring up at the darkened sky that is about to open up at any moment and start pouring. The wind has picked up and the cool breeze that preludes the rain is refreshing on my face, especially since I am hot from running around a playground for the last … More Jack of Hearts

The Falling Man

The picture is grotesque in its nature, yet beautiful in the depth of what it captures. In it, we see the small glimpse of a man in the most vulnerable state of his entire existence, an existence that is soon to be over, done at his own doing. He is captured in mid air, like … More The Falling Man