The Dead Dads Society

I belong to a very special club. There are no membership dues, although the price to get in is the ultimate one, and it isn’t paid by any of the members themselves. To be a member, you don’t apply, you don’t get an interview or even have to perform some crazy ritualistic maneuver. You simply … More The Dead Dads Society

Funny Girl

She was the funny one. Or, the funnier one. The more fun one. We would fight about who was funnier, funny girl and I, but she definitely was the funny one. She wasn’t silly, or crude or over expressive. She would never do stand up comedy or hold court at a house party. She was … More Funny Girl

Chasing Rabbits

After three miles of chasing, it was time to finally kill the rabbit. The chase was good, but there comes a time when you need to take the rabbit, to put behind what has been in front of you. You have to kill the rabbit eventually.   I had been chasing the rabbit since the … More Chasing Rabbits

The Right Fielder

I have to tell you a story, a real story, not a fake one, or should I say make believe. The story is real, the person is real, but the name isn’t. I changed to the name because the name isn’t important to you, but it is important for the real person, of this real … More The Right Fielder