The morning my dad passed away, he got up to go to the bathroom and fell, lodging himself between the wall and the bathroom door. My mom couldn’t pry the door open and get to him because of his size. She had to call my cousins for help. There was panic and desperation.  I was … More Guilt


Are you doing the best you can right now with all that is going on around you? Think about that one for a second. Are you pulling your hair out and struggling to find another art project for your kids to do because you don’t want them to watch television all day? Yet now you … More Judging


Life is not fair. Isn’t that what we tell our children when they don’t get what they want, and we want to teach them a lesson? Yet, here we are in the middle of an unprecedented global epidemic talking about fairness. We are talking about how unfair it is that professional sports have been cancelled, … More Fair

Your Kid Sucks

Your kid sucks. You know that right? I mean, not only sucks a little, but really sucks. I hope this isn’t a newsflash for you, I mean, I really don’t want to ruin your morning or anything like that, but they do. Yessir, that kid (or kids) of yours really can suck the soul out … More Your Kid Sucks

The Pit

Do me a favor, go back and read Fight Club first if you haven’t already. This is important. I will wait. I need you to go back and read fight club because I need you to understand. I need you to understand that when people are hurting, they seek solace. They seek a means to … More The Pit

The Hate We Breed

Today, somewhere in America, a man with hate in his heart entered a church with something tucked away in his jacket. He walked past an armed police officer, following dozens of people into the main sanctuary, where he would find a seat in the back and wait. Eye witnesses would later describe the man as … More The Hate We Breed