Portrait of a Year

I love art. It allows people to speak a language we can all understand, even if we don’t understand the language that comes out of one’s mouth. The language of beauty, and imagination, the art of using one’s hand to make something pleasing for another’s eye. The self expression that allows a person to put … More Portrait of a Year


Guess who’s birthday it is today? Oh come on, I think you already know this one, but play along with me anyway. That’s right. The one. The only. The kid that is probably going to be voted most likely to go to prison and then become the hit of cell block A. Jack Brown. Today … More Seven

The Miracle

On a cold, overcast Tuesday morning eighteen years ago, the old man that I had only known for three weeks, was laid to rest. Not a long time, but just enough to know his story and the miracle that came at the end of it. He was was old, but not old enough to die … More The Miracle

Blue like Hope

I am not sure what is faster at this point of the walk, my pace or my heartbeat. I check my watch and I am already three miles into a hike that I am yet to determine how long it will last. The city is mine this early in the morning, empty like a movie … More Blue like Hope