Giving Thanks

The truck pulls in to the check point, honking its horns and causing the guards to raise their guns. All I hear is lots of screaming in Creole, and pointing to a spot, just near the dock of the cider block building that is home of the operating room, one of the few on the … More Giving Thanks

The Battle

Soon the beast will arrive, the one that I have woken early for, and he will destroy me, or at least do everything in his power to level me down. I have known him all my life, and I have spent every day captured in his power, but now I know the secret, the one … More The Battle

Wrinkles and Scars

The door cracks and I hear the squeaking of the floor underneath the feet of a 6 year old who thinks he is being stealth. The time is 3 am, I know because I am awake, finishing up a conversation with the man in the moon. I cannot sleep because my mind is full, Jack … More Wrinkles and Scars

Ready for Redding

Otis is the man tonight, the man that brings in the vibes and calms the room. He brought cigarettes and coffee, he brought his girl and a dock by the bay. He is singing, and all that is dead is alive and all that is alive is dancing. He tells me his story, he plays … More Ready for Redding

My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans,  As you wake today, you will be allowed to experience one of the greatest achievements in man’s history. You will be asked to take part in what throughout human existence had only been allowed for those of power and privilege, and yet today all men, and women, have the ability to perform. … More My Fellow Americans