The Sonic Drive-in on the edge of my hometown is undergoing a facelift, a transformation of sorts, to modernize the old establishment and make it perhaps bit more..Sonicy. The place where I spent most of my youth is now suppose to change, suppose to change and become something different, yet somehow remain the same and … More Cruisin’

The trouble with twins

“Oh you have a twin?” the sweet greyed haired older lady will ask as I’m stretching her freshly surgically repaired shoulder and admiring the Graceland-Home of Elvis sweatshirt she is wearing. I will ask about the sweatshirt later in efforts to continue our small talk, and she will tell me about the ducks at the … More The trouble with twins

Talking to the Dead

Dead men like to sleep, but I have found a way of waking them from their forever slumber. The method is simple and easy, but there is always a price to pay to talking to ghosts, a cost that must be paid, not necessarily in dollars or cents, but in sanity and anguish. And one … More Talking to the Dead