Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today something happened, and I can not tell you what. All I can tell you about the event is that it happened to occur on July 26, and that it was such an important event that I chose to celebrate it, even four years later. Sure you can call it an anniversary … More Happy Anniversary


Today in some place that is far from here, a little girl is waking up. She is rubbing the last bit of dream from her eyes and starting to stretch out her arms as if to expand her universe more than it already is. She is sitting up, taking notice that she is not bigger, … More Today

Dear Savage

Good Morning, First off, thank you so much for the wonderful email you sent me the other day. I always enjoy them, even though I have to scan them first and see how long they are before I can actually start the process of reading them. I just am trying to figure out if I … More Dear Savage