Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today something happened, and I can not tell you what. All I can tell you about the event is that it happened to occur on July 26, and that it was such an important event that I chose to celebrate it, even four years later. Sure you can call it an anniversary of sorts, but it wasn’t a wedding or the starting of a job, it was just something. 

You have that something too, but maybe you forgot about it. Maybe on this date 10 years ago you bought your first car, or house. Perhaps on this date, you went on one, and found the person of your dreams. I don’t know what your thing is, that happened at that place on this date, all I know is mine, and I am going to celebrate it today.

No, it’s not a birthday, or a death date, no one was harmed in the making of this memory, but I do think it was an “ah ha” moment, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it, remembering it. I didn’t attend a concert on this day, but I have on others, and I do remember the dates of them. My brain is full of memories, ones that move me and cause to smile. There may be a few in there that cause me to be sad as well, but the movement is still forward, still in the direction of growth and towards wholeness.

The passage of time is made with the second hand passing by a point with every tick and with every tok. And at those points is a moment, a day or a person that sticks out in your head. Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike or learned to drive? Do you have a memory of the first time you watched Stars Wars or The Goonies? Each of those things occurred on a day, and you may have forgotten, but you remember the thing. How wonderful would it be if when you open your phone you have a reminder “TODAY YOU HAD YOUR FIRST KISS”? What would you do if you had something fun like that everyday, a reminder that good things happened to you over the course of your life, and if you put them all together, maybe you have cause to celebrate daily?

When was the first time you said “I Love You” to someone? What about the first time you watched your kid in a school musical and someone told you how amazing their voice is? My secret is no secret to me, but it is special. My day may not mean much to anyone, but when I think of this day a year from now, it will still fill me with happiness and reflection, it will still cause me to smile. My memory is of something that everyone has experienced and possibly forgotten, or maybe it is something that hasn’t occurred to some, but I hope it does. It is a simple thing that happened at a little place, but what a magical memory it has created.

How happy are you when you get a “On This Date” reminder of Facebook or Google? Why don’t you do that on your own? Why don’t we all do that? How about the next time there is a first time for you, you put it in your calendar and just wait for it to pop up next year. And when it does, take the time to remember the day you bought your first puppy on your own or finally made your own cake. Just think of the laughter when you look at your phone and it reminds you that on this date one year ago you tripped in front of that cute girl at school.

I have a day to celebrate today. I wish I could tell you what it is, but it is only for me to remember. I’m sure if I told you, you would completely see and understand why I have it written down, but you won’t feel the same way about it. So that is why I don’t tell you, because the joy I have with it is not the joy you see in it, and the thing at the place is pure joy to me, and I don’t want to water it down.

I hope you have that memory, or hundreds of them. I hope you can learn to recognize the day that you had your first drink of beer, or maybe your last one. Sometimes we lose sight of the importance of the day and the people around us that make up those days, so maybe this will help us all remember the feelings.

My day will be wonderful, because my memory is. Tomorrow I have another memory to celebrate, the birthday of a dear friend. I can tell you about that memory, but I still won’t tell you about this one. If you don’t have your own memory to celebrate, I suggest you go and make one, and write it down. Who knows, maybe you and I can come together and chat, on this day next year, and celebrate us, and our memories.