Football is not war.

Football is not war. War is ugly, and cruel, and heartless. War tears people apart, physically and emotionally, leaving behind bad memories of bad places where bad things had occurred. Football is beautiful. The lights that ring out into the night like the star of Bethlehem, drawing people from afar to pay homage to the … More Football is not war.


Dear Micheal,  I hope this letter finds you alive. I don’t know if I have ever started a letter with that phrase before, but then again, I have never written a letter to someone who lives in the hellish conditions that you do.  First off, you have to please know that I haven’t forgotten about … More Haiti

The Curse of Observation

I’m sitting on a bench in a crowded mall and my assignment is to watch people. Not only watch, but analyze them. Notice their posture, their stance, their gait. Look at the way they swing their arms, or how they don’t.  My assignment was to be a secret observer of people, and twenty four years … More The Curse of Observation

The wilting of a child

I can usually tell what is about to unfold before it actually unfolds. The conversations I am going to have with people before the conversation even starts. There is a look I get, or better, a lack of one. The fiddling with a phone or the simple motionless gaze at the ground. I know what … More The wilting of a child


Dear NCAA, Wow, you did it again and I bet you didn’t even think you were going to get caught. It was bad enough during the Women’s Basketball Tournament that you allowed such differences in the men’s and women’s facilities, you didn’t even bother to look forward and try to spot possible problems in the … More Dear NCAA

Mother’s Day

To all the moms out there that sit in the hot sun watching a game you never played and yelling at a complete stranger about a rule you know nothing about, all for the sake of helping your kid win. This day is for you! To the mom that sits huddled in the corner of … More Mother’s Day