Miner to Miner

Here it is, the moment you have all worked so hard for, for so long. All those days of practicing free throws in the back yard with no one else around. All those weekend practices that were spent refining a game you grew up loving. You gave up a lot of things then, to get … More Miner to Miner

Worst Parent in the World

Most normal, loving, parents may spend countless hours awake in the middle of the night with tear soaked pillows, wondering if they are the worst parents in the world. These same caring and probably wonderful people will play out all the things they have done over the past several days and even months, picking apart … More Worst Parent in the World


The little boy laid on the ground, clutching his tiny little arm, the left one to be more precise. He had just fallen from the tree, the one that stood just outside his grandmother’s house, near the storm shelter. The boy had climbed this tree a thousand times before, but just as little boys do, … More Broken

Death of a Salesman

No one really knows what to say in moments like these. There really are no words to use to convey what one feels, nor are there any words strong enough to bring any sort of comfort. I’m sorry, just doesn’t do it. I tell the person at the grocery store who I just accidentally bumped … More Death of a Salesman

The Boy and The Mountain

The horizon line looks like a line drawn from the hands of the seven year old in the back seat. It is flat, but not completely straight. The slight deviations of the norm represent the variations of the landscape, the landscape that soon goes from flat to bumpy, to mountainous. The boy doesn’t see the … More The Boy and The Mountain

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray is the man. That is if he is not some super hero in man’s clothing. He is the man about town and the man about movies. He is also an avid Cub’s fan, and this is why we should be best friends. It is said that he doesn’t carry a cell phone, that … More Groundhog Day


The Sonic Drive-in on the edge of my hometown is undergoing a facelift, a transformation of sorts, to modernize the old establishment and make it perhaps bit more..Sonicy. The place where I spent most of my youth is now suppose to change, suppose to change and become something different, yet somehow remain the same and … More Cruisin’