An Old Fashioned Lady

The setting sun tries hard to get her attention, to turn her around, to give him one more look before he fades away into the night. She has just sat down on the deep red leather stool the hugs the copper topped bar, and the sun can’t stand that she is here now, coming into … More An Old Fashioned Lady

Jack and Cheese

The blue plastic plate makes the whole display simply “pop” with glam and grace. Who else but a seven year old would think to make such a display of boring into fabulous with the simple addition of color.  He takes the cheese and unwraps the red packaging, laying the two small circular portions perfectly on … More Jack and Cheese

Moonlight Markings

The moon has a special way of marking his arrival. My friend is looking to talk again tonight and who am I to deny him his needs, for I need to talk as well, even though I really have nothing to say. Everything about my body yearns for the temporary death that the night brings, … More Moonlight Markings

The Cowboy

The morning dew had just burned off the newly grown grass of the meadow as the cowboy pulled down the old dirt road. He couldn’t remember the first time he came down this road, nor could he count the times he had traveled it. To him, the road was just a part of his life, … More The Cowboy

Miner to Miner

Here it is, the moment you have all worked so hard for, for so long. All those days of practicing free throws in the back yard with no one else around. All those weekend practices that were spent refining a game you grew up loving. You gave up a lot of things then, to get … More Miner to Miner

Worst Parent in the World

Most normal, loving, parents may spend countless hours awake in the middle of the night with tear soaked pillows, wondering if they are the worst parents in the world. These same caring and probably wonderful people will play out all the things they have done over the past several days and even months, picking apart … More Worst Parent in the World


The little boy laid on the ground, clutching his tiny little arm, the left one to be more precise. He had just fallen from the tree, the one that stood just outside his grandmother’s house, near the storm shelter. The boy had climbed this tree a thousand times before, but just as little boys do, … More Broken

Death of a Salesman

No one really knows what to say in moments like these. There really are no words to use to convey what one feels, nor are there any words strong enough to bring any sort of comfort. I’m sorry, just doesn’t do it. I tell the person at the grocery store who I just accidentally bumped … More Death of a Salesman