Pillow Talk

The smell will linger long after the head that once laid there is gone. Maybe this is the greatest of pleasures, to be reminded of magical moments that existed in the moonlight that makes our hearts swell. Or perhaps it is the greatest of heartaches, to be reminded of the past.

From smells of perfume to the scent that only a small child can produce, the pillow will hold on to the memories that both the lover and the child bring, and with it, a tape recorder of the wonderful and sometimes heartbreaking conversations.

How many “I love yous” has your pillow heard you say? How many “I love you mores”? If pillows could talk, what advice would they tell you? You should have said what you wanted to say, or that you shouldn’t have said anything at all?

Sometimes the greatest thing in world is to hear the words I love you. Sometimes the hardest thing to hear is the silence that comes after it is spoken.

Am I going to die daddy?”

Yes, son, we all are someday, but you aren’t going to for a really really long time”

What happens when we die?

Well, let me tell you… “

The comforting of a small child’s fears about death. The comforting of a lover’s heart about life. The pillow hears all the conversations, and like a good friend, it just sits there and listens, allowing the bearing of the burdens to release all that needs to be gone.

Sometimes the pillow is the world’s greatest confessional. It has heard the deepest, darkest of secrets. It has heard the greatest of joys expressed between two lover’s, and it has witnessed the building of memories between a child and their parent.

Some of the greatest things you have ever said, a pillow was there to hear it.

Humans are interesting creatures, they exist in a day full of emotional silence, only to tell people how they feel in the last few moments of the night, before they fall into temporary death.

How wonderful would it be if we said the things, all the things, that only our pillows hear, but did it during the day.

Why does the moon only get to enjoy how we really feel when our eyes aren’t blinded by the brightness of the day. 

From prayers to pleas, screams for pleasure to screams of pain, the pillows of our lives have heard it all. And yet they forgive us, no matter our trespasses, no matter or sins. The pillow knows were are just humans, doing our best, so why don’t we allow ourselves to believe the same.

How many times have we held a lover smiling. How many times have we held a small child who’s pillow is stained from tears of fear or sadness?

The pillow of our lives will hear our words of worry, our sounds of surreal, and then allow us to fall asleep, to let us dream of what just happened, or allow us to forget. 

That is the magic, that is the beautiful sadness that occurs in the wee hours of darkness. We are allowed to sleep, and become human again.

What secrets does your pillow know about you? What memories of love or loss? Should you share it with the world or keep it just between you?

Long after the lover is gone or the child is grown, we will lay in the place where they once were. We will hug our pillow and smell it, trying desperately to remember the smell of the shampoo they used, begging the universe one more time to remind us what that child smelled like after playing outside all day. We will hug our pillow like we hug the memory of those moments, and we will wish they were all back there in that bed, comforting us as we try so desperately to fall asleep.

Speak now or forever hold your peace, it shouldn’t just be for weddings, it should be for the marriage of any memory, ready to be made and burned into ours lives.

But the thing about memories, they only exist in the present about things in the past.

The only thing we can do is make more of them, and hope that the people we want to make them with are still around. 

So tell the lover during the day how you feel. Tell the child they are loved. Don’t wait til the night time to make the conversations that only the moon hears. Tell them in front of the sun and watch how much brighter the day becomes.

If pillows could talk what would they say?

If humans could talk, free from fear, what would we say?