Today in some place that is far from here, a little girl is waking up. She is rubbing the last bit of dream from her eyes and starting to stretch out her arms as if to expand her universe more than it already is. She is sitting up, taking notice that she is not bigger, nor is she smarter, but today, she realizes she is older. She quietly opens the door of her room to see if the world has changed, or maybe just her age. Today is a little girl’s birthday, and that puts a smile on her little brown face.

Today, someplace in the other direction of the world, an old man is dying the final time. He has been here before, and he has pushed back the darkness, only to watch it come back like the waves of an ocean that simply wants him to swim in it. He is not fearful anymore, he is not sad. This time is different, this time is peaceful. He has finally fought the demons that have haunted him for so long, and he is finally ready to rest with the saints. Today, an old man will die and it puts a smile on his wrinkled face.

The sun is rising in my part of the world, but has already risen in another, as it is still darkness in another. The day is here for all, but we are just in different phases of it. The moon and its magic are ever present, but to see it may be a strain, either on your eyes or on your soul, but the magic is still there, waiting to be believed in, even if for the first time, even if for the millionth.

Today a boy is getting courage, or finding a way to try and create it. He has never been brave before so the thought is scary, almost unattainable. He will notice the butterflies in the world, but especially the ones in his stomach, and he will have to choose which one to believe in more, the beauty or the pain. He will choose the beauty, and in doing so, will eventually learn that bravery is simply believing in the good of a situation, and no matter what, he did his best. The girl will say yes, she always would, she was simply just waiting for him to ask.

In a hospital room, a daughter is about to become a mom, who’s mom was never there for her. She is in pain, but not from the baby, but from the thoughts. She is scared and she is alone. Sometimes all we know is all we know, and for her, all she knows about being a mom is bad. But her heart is beating and the magic she feels when the baby is placed on her chest will erase the memories and cause the instinct, the love, to kick in. She will be okay, even though she realizes there will be times when the thoughts will lie to her, but the smile on her baby will not.

Today I will make pancakes. Small ones with more syrup on them than should be allowed by the American Dental Association. I will make three small, circular, perfect pancakes, that will feed the Blue Power Ranger that will be sitting on my couch, learning how to save the world, and forgetting to grow up. Making pancakes is simple, and so is loving, but sometimes I have to step outside my own minefield of thoughts, and just let the scene play, to trust the process of life, and let the world be perfect. I will remember that tomorrow will be here on its own, it doesn’t need me to push it along, and the world doesn’t need me to turn it. Today I will make perfect pancakes for the perfect memory of a little boy that will not remain little forever.

Today you will do something, something grand and wonderful. Perhaps you will not notice it, but maybe someone else will. Maybe that wave or that smile, maybe that gesture of holding the door open for the complete stranger coming in behind you is just enough to give them faith in a world that today, may be knocking them down. Today you may be a magician, and not even know what special trick you are about to perform, what amazing thing you will pull out of your hat to dazzle the world and make all its onlookers believe again. You have the power to make memories and to bring joy. Today you have the ability to put a smile on the face of a stranger and the joy in the heart of someone that maybe hasn’t seen that emotion in quite some time. 

Today is a good day to be a good human being.