The Battle

Soon the beast will arrive, the one that I have woken early for, and he will destroy me, or at least do everything in his power to level me down. I have known him all my life, and I have spent every day captured in his power, but now I know the secret, the one that will make his power mine, his day my own. He is a magical beast, worthy of god status, and to some he is. But I know his truth and know who he really is. He will come at his bidding, but I will attack at mine. He is predictable in his path, but so strong and mighty is he, that he cares not who stands in front of him, for he will go about his way, destroying any and all that stand in it. Somedays he can be hidden, but the path is still the same, his intention never wavering.

I know the secret now, the one that will help me overtake him. The one that will cause me to stand tall and battle. The one that will help me seize him and all he stands for. I wake early and ready my mind, prepare and pray. He will be here soon, but right now this time is of my own choosing, free of his influence. I have taken the day thus far, and soon he will arrive to take it back, and I will have the mind this time to remain fruitful, to keep the tax he so feverishly requires. 

He is coming,  I see him rounding the bend, his coat bright and shiny. No wonder we worshipped him, no wonder we rely on his power. He is great in his presence, and I already feel the need to cower. He is fast approaching, and I steady my feet, and my hand and my heart. It beats now as it did before the coming, a reminder that I am a man with or without the beast in my sights. Can I remain one after the fight?

He is in full view now, in front of me, blinding me, thus his tactic for defense. He dares you to stare as if he is Medusa, begging the weak to go blind from his radiance, frozen in stone at his magic. You cannot fight what you cannot see. But I see him without looking. I have learned his tactics, his moves, his path,  thus not needing to know his face. I stand steady and use the tool that I have spent a lifetime honing to fight him. He approaches and I stand. He is at my throat and I dare to speak to him. He is reaching for my life and I breathe back, offering him the glimpse of a man who is now fearless. The beast continues, and moves, and I continue to stay, and fight. 

He has past me, and I look back and see if my body is dragging behind him, and wonder if I am just the soul standing in the place where a soldier once stood. I am whole, all of me, and he is gone, all of him. He passed me, and I survived, which means I won this time. This time. He was not after me all along, just going about his way, so why do men fear him, the great walking beast of the sky. He has destroyed many, but perhaps at their own hands, and not his. He is too big, and too powerful to care about the small, yet we give him all the power he needs to remain in his legend. 

I will no longer fear the beast, his bright shiny coat that blinds men is now mine to hang on my wall, a reminder of my power over him. I will make him my slave, and remove the shackles from my feet and place them on his. Carpe Diem I shout to the sky, as if I am cursing him for cursing my life. But he moves forward, leaving me as a memory behind him, moving forward as if I was not even there. I have learned now, that the beast in not my enemy, that he is perhaps my ally. He will come back to me tomorrow, not to destroy me but to offer me light to the problems that seem to blossom during the darkness. And the evils that grow in me are there because I allow them, the pain I suffer because I allow the knife to remain. I can twist it or remove it, but first I have to find it. And the beast, the bright shiny beast, now has allowed me to see. He has allowed me to spot the holes in my armor and fix them, but better, he has shown me that armor is not necessary at all, if you have knowledge. If you have faith. He has shown me the placement of the knife, and I choose to remove it. He has shown me the weeds, and I pull them. The evils we do will be exposed in the light, and the fight we have is not with the beast then, but with the things he has allowed us to see. The fight we have is with the things we allowed to grow in the darkness. I once was blind, but now I see. Now I see.

Carpe Diem, I shout once more as I stand victorious, Carpe Diem