Guess who’s birthday it is today? Oh come on, I think you already know this one, but play along with me anyway. That’s right. The one. The only. The kid that is probably going to be voted most likely to go to prison and then become the hit of cell block A.

Jack Brown.

Today is his day. The day he will celebrate being on the planet for seven whole years, and the day I have marked down as the one when I slowly began to loose my own sanity. He is crazy ya’ll, I mean crazy. He one time tried to sneak off with a group of high school kids at the park because he thought they were more fun than me. I think they belonged to a gang. I think they were actually going to make him their new leader. He was 4 at the time.

He is a great snuggler, and I am a little too worried he may become a good smuggler. I was very tempted to give him the middle name of Danger, true story, because something deep inside me was telling me he was going to be that kid. The universes has a way of knowing these things. Don’t get me wrong, he is no Hell on Wheels, he is much too cunning for that. He is a sneak attack and kill you with his kindness kind of kid. And I love it.  My job is to keep him alive, I’ll let the world try and contain him later.

He is the kid that arm wrestles at school to see who gets the ball first. Not that he is trying to be diplomatic, he just thinks he is the strongest kid in the world.

Oh sure, we all love our kids and my kid is really not that much different than anyone else’s, but he sure is fun. And he sure is taking life on his own terms. And I couldn’t be more proud. After I tell people a story about the crazy thing he did or said, they simply look back and say “That’s Jack Brown”, and I simply reply “yes it is”. Brown. Jack Brown.

Precious in not Jack Brown. He is not adorable either. And chances are he will not be on the principals list of sweetest kids. But all the teachers know him, and apparently all the girls do too (this one I worry about).  So what is he if not all these good kid things? He is great kid things! Like independent, creative, and knows how to build a fire by himself. That last one scares me a little, but if the boy ever gets lost in the woods, I have money the kid builds a fire and will be sleeping next to a wolf when found. Oh, and will want to keep the wolf and name him SmellyButt. 

He is a little man that thinks he is still a kid, and a kid that thinks he is invincible. I don’t try to tell him the ways of the world because as we all know from this year, the ways of the world kinda suck, so let him and his generation make new ones. My job is to show him what is right and wrong, and then put him out there and let him come up with new ways to maneuver in this crazy swamp we call life. Teach him to fight and to love is what I say, and then teach him to fight for love. Hell, he already thinks he is a ninja turtle. Cowabunga Dude.

I do not know in the slightest what he will be when he grows up, and quite honestly I really don’t care what he does as much as I care who he is. I allow him to be silly when appropriate and let him dance like a crazy man. I don’t want him to grow up too fast, because little boys who howl at the moon become men who howl at the moon. And the moon likes it when people howl, how do you think magic is made?

He will tell stories, because he will be allowed to go on great adventures, and even small ones can be thought of as amazing with the right imagination. 

He keeps telling me the house sucks and he wants to move. When prompted where exactly would that be, he simply answers. Somewhere fun, and with stairs. I love the honesty, and to be honest, I may just take him up on that offer. Because he doesn’t believe in being stagnet, in body or in mind, so who am I to argue. It’s just a house right? If anyone knows a great tree house for sale or rent, let me know. I have a monkey that is ready to make the move. Let the wild rumpus start!

I love him because he lives his life one day at a time. There is no worry about tomorrow, just what are we going to do today, what fun is to be had. He doesn’t have to worry of bills and expectations, not yet. But those days will come, and my hope is that he will be so full of wonder and curiosity, that he doesn’t worry about all the stuff adults worry about. Hakuna Matata. 

He is seven today, the magical number. He pretty much slayed being a six year old, I am super pumped to see what kind of year seven will be. Whatever the case, I’m sure it will be full of great stories that may or may not make it to this blog spot. I will keep you posted, or you may just read about it in the actual newspaper, that’s the kind of stuff he will get himself into. That’s the kind of life Jack Danger leads.