I am about to come to a major crossroad in my life. A cosmic one if you will. You are too. We are all about to come to a part of our life where we have to make a decision, a big one. No longer are we going to sit back and hit cruise control, letting the idleness of the world propel us forward, we are going to have to grab the steering wheel, maybe for the first time in our lives, and turn.

The American Dream as you know it, is hanging on by a thread, and I for one think you need to get the scissors out and make a clean cut. Slice the very fiber of hope you were told about as a kid, and start anew. Sure, you can sit and let it unravel like a sweater, watching what was once a beautiful life slowly start to unravel in front of your very eyes. Or you can put it to bed yourself, holding on to what little control you thought you had, and move on.

You are going to come to a decision here in the next few days, or maybe weeks and months. You are going to make a choice. I am going to have to make a choice. I am not talking about an election, nor what color to paint the walls. I am talking about a choice of livelihood, of how you will conduct yourself, your business, your family. You are about to come out of a cave after a long winter hibernation, and the world you knew going in is not the same. To many, you will want it to be. You will do everything in your power to make it go back, to stop the bleeding, to return to the chaos you had learned to endure before it all started. 

Funny how we cling to things that are bad for us. But when you are free falling, you think the clouds can support your weight.

We will talk about faith, we will talk about hard work, the American way, and all the other things that somehow got us to this point of being. We will fight like a rabid dog to return to the master that beats us, because we have become accustomed to the scraps he feeds us. We will look at the brightness of the sun and feel its warmth, and somehow think our happiness will be the same as it was before, all the while forgetting about the prayers for change we made long before the quarantine occurred.

God has a funny way of answering prayers.

You no longer need a house with a white picket fence. The expectation thrown on you to buy a new car and raise 2.3 perfect children in suburbia has died. Let it go. The new American Dream is what we are about to see and many of you will worry it into a nightmare. Change is scary, and life in the new will be difficult. Like the immigrants that came to American a century ago with the promise of an old American Dream, you are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. You have a chance to change your trajectory, to change history, your history. So don’t let your old habits get in the way of new growth. 

You will be told to return to the ways of old. The quicker we can get things back to normal the safer you will feel. But did you feel safe before? Or were you just tolerating what you thought happiness was? We all have the chance now to change it all. To be the America, the world, we thought we had all along. This isn’t about politics, this is about people, and the chance for people to live a new dream created by themselves, not a billboard or a newspaper ad. This is a chance to turn down the notion that you need stuff to be happy, that somehow happiness can be bought, not created. Resist that urge. Remember, they don’t sell smiles and laughter at retail stores.

We are all about to come to a major crossroads in our lives. You are going to have the chance to actually re-evaluate where you have been and where you want to go. The world will be different, but the people won’t. The temptation will be there, but as the old saying goes, you can’t buy your way out of a bluff, and if you think you can, then you are in for a big mess when life calls your bluff.

As we slowly emerge from our houses and back into the world, please know that what you realized was sacred for the past month, still is. Maybe that job you were secretly happy to be away from needs to be tossed to the wayside. Maybe those friendships with people that didn’t call and check on you need to be re-visited. Maybe that way of life you hated needs to be shed.

Things will be scary, but they always will be, no matter what course of action you take. The simple solution will be to try and get back to normal, but was that former normal actually normal, or was it survival? 

You are about to come to a crossroads in life. You can turn around and return to what you think you know, to a place you were so eager to leave, yet just needed a reason. Or you can take the chance to dance to a new song, spread your wings a little and create the new American Dream, one that isn’t for anyone else but you.