5 simple steps to becoming a Pirate.

Let’s all just admit right now that we want to be a pirate. Powerful, mysterious, daring and yes, cool. We all wanted to be a pirate at one time in our lives, and now more than ever, we need to call on our inner Black Beard to help guide us through the treacherous waters of life, and take the bounty of what we hold dear to our hearts. Pirates are brave and we can be too. Pirates are fierce and cunning, and let’s not forget, very stylish. So grab your eye patch, and get ready to be the pirate you have always wanted to be!

Come up with YOUR pirate name. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with a silly name, but hey, if you want to, go for it. This is about finding out who YOU are and who YOU want to become. So many times in our life we leave so much up to chance, to the currents of the sea to take our ship wherever the winds blow us. Not any more. You are a pirate and pirates don’t follow, they lead. So what’s your name? Are you going to be Captain Karen of Cleveland the kind and endearing soul, or perhaps Kevin the Powerful from Topeka the focused and determined leader? Coming up with a pirate name is more than just coming up with a name, it’s about coming up with an identity. Who do you want to be?

Exercise: Sit and list the qualities you find important in a person. Which ones do you currently possess and what are ones you want to.

What kind of treasure are You seeking? Pirates don’t just sail around looking for loot,they are on a mission, and you are too! Now that you know who you are as a Captain, what do you want? Do you want money and wealth? Do you want to be a singer or accountant? You need to know what treasure you seek, otherwise you will be just wandering the waters of life, wasting time and energy, getting bored and frustrated, and easily taken over by other pirates that do know what they want. This may be the hardest thing you do as a pirate, but you can’t just guess, you need to find out. You may already know, great! If you don’t, then take the time to find out. Finding out what your purpose is in life will help lead you to your profession, not the other way around.

Exercise: Make a list of what you want. Is it money? A particular job? Write down what it is you seek. Do you have a purpose?

Find your map, or create one! Now that you know what you want, you have to make a map of how to get there. You want to help people and be a doctor, good news, there is already a map for that. You want to travel Europe for a year and write about life, do your research and find out how others have done it, and figure out how to fit it into your own personal parameters. How much money will you need? Where will you go? Where will you stay? A treasure map is a step by step process of getting from where you are now to where you need to be, and the more precise the details, the less fear that comes with the process. Be diligent. Chances are there isn’t anywhere or anything you want to do or want to be, that hasn’t been achieved by someone else already. Find out how they did it and use that as a guide to help you design a personalized map to help you get there yourself. Remember, you are a pirate now, if others were brave enough to get what you have always wanted, then you are too now.

Exercise: Make a plan of attack, list the steps, do your research on how others have done it and adjust to your situation. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

Gather your crew! No one gets anywhere alone, and you need a boat of swashbuckling mates to help you get to your treasure. Surround yourself with those who have been there, done that. Find mates that are on the same journey as you, and have the same fire and determination as you. The open seas can be quite turbulent at times, you are going to need a good crew of people to help you stay on course and get you to your destination (and treasure).

Exercise: Make a list of people you know who have accomplished what you are wanting to accomplish, and people who are on the same journey. Reach out to them, ask for guidance. See if they want to go on an adventure with you!

Build your ship and set sail! Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to pull up the anchor and set sail. Keep your lists, post them someplace you can go back and check on them from time to time. Stay the course. The seas are a rough place to be, but the more prepared you are the better you will be. Storms will hit, the tide will swell, but you have a map and a boat full of mates to keep you on course and to keep you motivated.

Exercise: Post your lists and refer back to them. Adjust if necessary. The world may change, buy your goals don’t have to, just your plan.

You are a pirate now, fearless and free. You are in command of the greatest pirate ship ever to set sail on the seven seas. The treasure you seek is just over the horizon, waiting to be taken, and you are in for the greatest adventure of your life. The treasure you seek will be wonderful, but don’t forget that you are always more wonderful than any treasure that can be dug up. Be brave and bold, amazing and powerful, but always be you! Good luck Captain, maybe I’ll see you out on the water someday.