Ad Astra

When was the last time you were inspired? The last time your heart leaped out of your chest and took your breath with it? When was the last time you truly looked at man, and saw the image of God for which he was created? I’m sure it has been awhile. I’m sure while you check your social media everyday, you see heroic acts performed by masked people, only to be soured by the rhetoric of a society angered by politics and policy. 

Americans are angry, and we really don’t know why. We can say it is because of infringement of liberties, the brutality of fellow citizens, and even the unseen. Americans are angry because we haven’t been told not to be, and we haven’t been shown how we can be together, only how we should live apart. We have been led astray by the people we vote for, because it is easier to get re-elected if we simply point a finger away, rather than take the challenge to inspire.

Today will be different.

Today you will have a chance to be inspired, but only if you put down your veil of dissension to see it. Today, instead of looking west at the setting sun, you look east at a rising rocket, you will see inspiration again. A quiet achievement in what Americans can do when they put their heads down, sleeves up, and work together. You will see the beaming glow of an American rocket, launched on American soil, carrying American astronauts, to touch the face of God,  A reunion of the two that hasn’t happened in almost ten years. 

God has been waiting, We all have been waiting.

Some of you will not watch it, nor have you even heard about the goings on of today’s SpaceX launch of the Demo-2 mission, with Crew Dragon on board a Falcon 9 rocket. We are back, we Americans, to the race to space, to the reality of dreams. No longer will we need to rely on Russia to give us a ride to the International Space Station (ISS). No longer will our children have to wait to see what we Americans can do, with the help of science and hard work.

Today you can show your kids what your dream once looked like. You can talk about how you once looked up at the nighttime sky and dreamt about living on the moon, traveling to the outer reaches of the stars. Looking up and seeing awe. Maybe your kids will now look up at the sky and see awe again, and strive to live the dream we weren’t fully capable of achieving.  Maybe our dream will be their reality, and they just need to be, inspired.

Inspire them today. Relive your childhood today. Watch the launch today.

Division has separated us here in America long enough, and it will be a long treacherous road to get to a place where we haven’t been in a long while. But we have shown we can reach the stars, we have shown we can come together at times, we have shown we can inspire to reach the moon in the name of science.

We just have to be inspired to reach out for each other now, in the name of love.