As I am sitting here writing my journal entry for today, I noticed a lady come in and order a coffee. She smiled at me, grabbed her coffee and then came over and started doing a little small talk. I asked if she thought I was Ryan, and she immediately gasped and started apologizing profusely. I explained to her who I was and she replyed that she had no idea that Ryan had a twin, she only works with him on occasion through the stuff he does with child abuse, and she vowed to text him when she got in the car and scold him for not warning her of his “twin”. It was a fun and cute exchange, they always are, the million of mistaken identities we both get living in the same city. 

Now my thoughts have completely shifted gears and now I am focused on all the craziness and silliness I have experienced as a twin. Sometimes I feel like a famous person, in a weird way, just the way people approach you and start talking to you as if they know you. I really think most of that is a huge testament of who Ryan is. These people don’t know me, but they think they know the person they are approaching, and they do so in such a caring and respectful manner. I am really quite overjoyed when it happens because it makes to feel so happy that my brother is looked at in such a loving way. 

I remember one time I was at a store doing some shopping and I ran into a doctor friend of my brother’s. We chatted for a little longer than most of my “accidental’ encounters with people. He was quick to tell me how fun Ryan was to work with and that he (Ryan) was a really good dude. He told me how all the med students and residents just “love Dr. Brown” because he is such a great teacher and caring doctor. I even ran into a guy at the gym once, that flagged me down and wanted to thank me for saving his kids’ life one time in the ER. Of course after explaining to him who I was, he went on to tell me about the time he took his small son to the ER at Children’s and my brother, Superman he called him, was able to help them out. 

 When people find out that I have a twin brother, they will ask if he is in the medical field as well, and of course, like the overly sappy brother I am, I tell them “he is not only an ER doc at Children’s, but he is also the child abuse expert for them as well”. And that is the part he doesn’t talk about at all. And I don’t ask. We share funny stories about patients all the time, about this crazy injury or that crazy accident, but I don’t ask about the child abuse. All I know is that he has been called to testify way too many times. He has had to read the reports of so many battered and abused cases and determine if a kid is abused or not. Someone once asked me how in the world can he do that kind of work, with two kids at home of his own, and I can confidently say, how can he not. 

The world is a wonderful place, but sometimes there are shitty people out there that are so hurt themselves, that they have to take it out on someone that cannot fight back. I look at Jack sleeping and can’t even imagine for the life of me how someone could ever bring harm to such a small child, but they do. And I am glad that my brother is there to help lock the bastards up. I know how tired he gets from working the late shift at work, only to turn around and have to drive to some courthouse and testify the very next day. I know that it isn’t glamorous work, but it sure as hell is glorious. 

I am grateful…….I am grateful for the loving words that complete strangers tell me about my brother when I meet them for the first time

I am grateful…that I come from such a loving family and wonderful home town. I am so grateful for the people I grew up with that formed and shaped me and my brother, and I hope they all know  that everything I do and have done is partially because of them and their support.

I am grateful..for having a twin brother, for the crazy stories that I have that people without a twin will never have, and for the special bond we share. 

I am grateful…that I have been able to feel so much pride when I hear stories of the wonderful things my brother does and has done, but I also have the same pride for all my friends when they are successful. I am happy for all of the wonderful people I grew up with and the amazing ones I have gotten to know over the years. They say to be successful one needs to surround himself with good people, and I have been lucky to have been able to do that. 

I am grateful for the craziness that is the universe, that knew I was going to have a horrible and angry filled journaling session today, but by simply changing the path of one woman, I had a great day today. I am grateful for those moments, when someone doesn’t even know what they did, but they put a smile on my face and changed my mood. I am grateful for the little reminders.

I am grateful for mistaken identity, for I love when I have a chance to hear about my brother and all the wonderful things he does. I remember one time a lady told me how my brother bragged to her about me. I am grateful for his love, he pushes me to be a better person. 

I am grateful to be a twin.